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See the KanBo newest version.

Please find my suggestion below:1. Please add a multi-select button in a…

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Please find my suggestion below:
1. Please add a multi-select button in a Board for bulk card moving & deletion
2. Regarding the "Export Board to file", the current file is not organized, Separate column with clear label (Who, When, What) should be listed out for easy review. Also, all archived task should be able to export a export for review purpose.
3. When exporting a report, all key steps and status for the card information should also be able to generate for review purpose.

Michal Sobotkiewicz
  • Under review

1. Bulk actions are planned for lists in any view that will also respect filters. You will find them in List headers

2&3. We have just released an extended version of the export - please check it out.