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Infosection also for cards

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In many of more longer term strategic cards i add a Notes-field first to put in general information about the purpose of this card and maybe some important links or relations. That's possible, but not ideal in future use. If the card develops, you bring in more and more fields, and you´re allways in trouble how you handle this general-info-field. 
So it would be great to have a Info-field for the card, like it`s offered for boards.

Michal Sobotkiewicz


Please create a card template with a structure that will help you keep things in order. Like creating predefined structures for notes and checklists for certain type of information.

The problem you are talking about is an organizational problem - if you are getting overwhelmed by the amount of information you should maybe delete some "not so much" important things to stay clean and focused or if you think that everything is important, then maybe create a document or excel to keep it all and attach it to the card. It is a human nature to gather things because they can be useful some day - unfortunately that is not true - the more you gather the less you see the less you act.

What we are trying to do in some time is to allow pining of certain elements to the top of the content pane on the right hand side of the card (content pane). Another idea is to make the elements locked against deletion or modification.

Die Kunst der Maßhaltung, Markus - we don't just say it, we mean it :)