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Individual customization of notifications

  • updated

Although KanBo already is quite customizable our team identified the wish to also customize the notifications.

The idea is, for example, to be able to set different colors (or other options) for different kinds of notifications. In addition, the different kinds of notifications could also be prioritized individually.

Michal Sobotkiewicz
  • Under review

We are working on some major improvements in notifications. We have experimented wih colors, and sizes but the output was unreadable.

Here an internal note how the first wave of improve will look like:

There will be three levels of displaying activities (notifications are nothing else but activities) – we will call them: “Detail Levels”

Everything: At this level everything what is a board or card activity is being shown

Relevant: At this level you will see a mix of most relevant card activities including comments (default)

Comments: At this level the user will only see comments and no other activities.

User should have 2 settings for Detail Levels that will be persisted within his profile in the database.

Activity Streams Detail Level: default = Relevant

This setting defines how much detailed is shown to the user when opening/seeing BAS and CAS. If Level is Everything then the button “Show/Hide details” can be hidden.

Notifications Detail Level: default = Relevant

This setting applies to the Notification Stream Detail Level and also to What is being sent as Email Notifications. If Level is Everything then the button “Show/Hide details” can be hidden.

There is more in the pipe but planned for the beginning of next year.

Michal Sobotkiewicz

Thank you very much!