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Relation between two or more boards.

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One Person is using one board. After Setting a Card on completed you want to move the Card to another board for other People. Than it will be great if the Card keeps the Labels (categories) and informations.

Maybe ist possible to create a relation between one or more boards with the same Labels (categories)?

The issue is that the Labels are getting lost after moving the Card to another board. if you now copy the Labels to another board, so everything will be the same, maybe it will work than?

Michal Sobotkiewicz
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We are struggling with Labels and Status when moving cards between Boards because the same Label even with the same name can mean something in one board and the same name can have a completely different meaning in another board. There is no way we can automatically find out if labels are to be merged or created.

Please describe what you are using the labels for and why did you separate the workflow into 2 Boards. Maybe if we will understand better the use case it will help us to find a solution to this problem.