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See the KanBo newest version.

By moving cards from board A to board B defined categories from the card get lost in board B.

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Is there some solution for troubleshooting?

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Satisfaction mark by Oliver Schreiber 7 years ago

Thank you for explaination, good idea for next step in the future.

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Michal Sobotkiewicz
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Dear Oliver,

this is not a bug - KanBo works as expected.


If you move a card from one board to another the definition and colors and Labels is deifferent for most of the cases so KanBo cannot take the labels to the target baord. Due to the fact that currently the number of lablesis limited ot six there is no way to take the lables from the origin board to the target board.

We are planning to introduce unlimited lables (NEW NAME: Tags) then the movment of cards will also take the Tags with the card to the new board if the board.

Michal Sobotkiewicz
  • Not a bug

Okay, I understand.

When I am looking forward ...

Alexander Gutendorf