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Board icons and sections

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In this section, we will show Board from the Board member’s perspective. In the following image, the major sections of a Board are introduced.

Board's title and information

Board’s title. If you are owner of this Board, you can click on it to change the name of the board.

Board general info. This shows you the most important details about your Board.

Board views

Board views are:

Lists view. It switches KanBo Board to default list view. If it’s highlighted, it means that it is a current view.

Calendar. This view shows all Cards in a calendar view.

Gantt chart. This will show all cards which have a start date and a due date on a Gantt chart.

Analytics. This view will show you analytics and diagrams about this board.

Board chat. This button redirects you to a Board chat.

Board menu

This menu consists of the following sections: 


Use this button to look at all activities in this Board sorted chronologically.


Use this button to enter Documents section where all documents from this board are collected. In this section you can also add and manage documents.


A new folder can be added by using + New folder button.

Upload button serves for uploading new documents to a Board.

Refresh - reloads documents.

Find section allows you to search for any document by file name.

You have there also an x (close button) and more (three dots button).

More button will allow you to Go to source or manage document sources.

While you hover over any document, you will see the “more” button on the right side.

 Click on it to see more options for this document:
- Open in browser,
- Download,
- References – shows all cards where this document is attached (also in other boards)
- Delete – deletes the document from SharePoint


The archive allows you to see all archived cards in this Board. You can use the Find field to look for any card. Send to board button allows you to unarchive a card and send it back to a Board. The card will be added to the first List in the board.


Users section is a section where you can check who is added to this board and users’ permissions in it.  You can search for any user there using the “Find user” field. 
This button will allow you to see a full list of users with more details about them.  


Here you can configure the board settings and card statuses.



Follow Board button allows you to follow every action performed in this Board. You will now receive notifications about every action inside that board! Please be careful and use it only if you are sure that you want to be informed about every detail. Otherwise, you will get a lot of notifications.


This button allows you to choose option “Export view to file”.
Click on it and another option will appear “Export view to file”. Now, a .csv file will be generated, depending on your current view on a Board. You can open it in Excel and make any modifications to it.


Group by

Lists.It's the default grouping of lists.

User lists. It gives you a view in a Board, in which it shows lists differentiated by users. All cards where user is responsible are shown in his list.

Status lists . It gives you a view where cards with certain card statuses are grouped into lists. Enabled only if statuses are enabled in a board.

Labels.  group by labels in this board.

Due date. Group by periods of time where the due date is coming on cards.


The filter allows you to browse Board filtered by a keyword, user, due date, status or label. In this section, you can choose if you would like to filter a Board by text, labels or users. Clear the filtering by using the Clear filter button.

If the filter is active, it will be highlighted in a blue color.


Timeline contains dots indicating cards which dates are set in a month’s period.


 Red dots on the Timeline indicate Cards which have a past start or due date. If the dot is bigger it means it contains several dates.

Orange dots indicate that the due date of cards in this day is coming in the current week. If the dot is bigger it means it contains several dates. Click on any item to see more. You can drag & drop items directly on the time line to reschedule the due date without opening the card.

Grey dots indicate that dates for these cards are coming after a current week. Click on them to see more.

If there is a bigger number of dates on a certain date, their number will be indicated inside a dot.

If a dot contains 2 olors, it means that 2 days of differemnt meanings are due on this day.

See the article about List's icons and sections by clicking here.

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