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Recurring cards available?

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Dear Kanbo support,


In my team there came up the question if recurring cards are available in Kanbo as well? For example, in Outlook you create a recurring appointment once and it appears automatically several times within the time frame you have set. Since we have cards that are basically the same every month it would be great if they show up automatically every month.


Looking forward to your answer! Thanks a lot in advance




Lukas Kruse



HR Training & Development

Daimler Trucks Asia

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation


Tel:         +81-(0)80-8128-0060

E-mail:   [email protected]



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Kate Bo
  • Under review

Hello Lucas,

I will move your request to our special Features Requests forum. Once your message is there, our team will be able to see it. We will answer you shortly whether it's possible.

Best regards,

Katarzyna Bobrowska

Kate Bo

Hello Lucas,

this feature is on our development roadmap, but for now, the exact ETA isn't known.

Best regards,

Katarzyna Bobrowska