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Assign due dates to specific to-do's in a to-do list

  • updated
  • Release 3.0

We would find it very convenient, if every to-do listed in a to-do list within a card could be individually assigned with a due date. We are aware that each card can be assigned with different customized "due/personal Dates". This would be especially convenient for cards where several members are assigned tasks that are due on many different dates.

Michal Sobotkiewicz
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Before I explain the troubles with this feature please give me some insights what particular problem you would like to solve, what makes it so convenient vs. Subcards, which is the preferred KanBo way to structure subtasks with dates and assignments?

We had have this feature in the past and we disabled it, because:

- there was no central location where we could display the dates of all cards where a single user has tasks

- there is no mechanism in place that would remind the user of approaching dates

- there is no location to display all dates on a Timeline, because the Timeline only shows the titles of the crads and the names of tasks would not fit

If you have ideas how to solve these problems please share it with us.

I agree to Tobias Request, and, Michal, regarding your three threats you mentioned, I don't mind about threat 1 and 3, only a solution for threat 2 would be very helpful, and as I know you guys, this is something you easily could implement

Michal Sobotkiewicz

These are not threats, these are problems that MUST be solved in order to deliver this feature at the quality level we can accept. Any thoughts?

Michal Sobotkiewicz

This is a very good direction! I like it! But how to visually link the card date on lte left with the item on the right?

Michal Sobotkiewicz
  • Release 3.0

Thank You Herbert. These are some good ideas, which convinced us to give us a second try to implement it.

We will discuss it internally and put it into a release for Q1 2020