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Export a basic excel list (report)

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We have a case where we need to provide progress reports to management and also align with other colleagues on topics with each sprint. We need to generate an excel list of cards. This just needs to be a simple list of card names, members, labels, list, and progress/status. 

Ideally, we should be able to export a list directly from KanBo based on the filters we have applied (so export the list of cards that we are currently seeing on screen).

The KanBo Data Collector does not help, as this is too detailed and too time consuming to filter through only the required topics and updates.

Alternatively, If we could see this type of view (listed basic information) directly on KanBo then we could just copy & paste the information easily into excel. This simple view report is essential and high priority for this tool to be useful in our business.

Michal Sobotkiewicz
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So you would like to export the Board as CSV to be imported later to excel as it is including filters and selected view. I think this is a good feature. Could you do one more thing and send us an exemplary excel how you would imagine the export would look like once it is in excel? This would help us to understand the way you would like use the cards in excel to report.  Please send it to [email protected]

Michal Sobotkiewicz
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