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When a card has a date, it will appear as a name on a timeline. 

Timeline dots

Red points indicate Cards with past dates,

orange points mark Cards with a date within the present week,

and grey points mark events coming in the next weeks.

Click on the dot to see Card with dates on this date. You can click on any date to enter a Card with this date.

- indicates Due dates,
- indicates Card dates,
- indicates Start dates,
- indicates Personal dates.

When there are cards with dates that differ in the meaning of completing them, the dot on Timeline will be shown in 2 colors (grey, yellow and red). 

In the case where there are more than 2 dates coming in the same term, the dot will be bigger and will contain a number of dates for this term.

In the case when a list where cards are located has a role "None" or "Completed", the dot will change its color to grey.
The same scenario appears when a card with dates has a status with "completed role". Then red and orange color will be ignored, as the list or status does not indicate that the card is in progress and will be due.

Enabling the timeline

By default, every new Board has a timeline feature turned off, but you can disable its presence in the Kanban view settings.

Once you have added dates to Cards in your Board, they will appear as items on the Timeline. Now you can click on items and move them to another date on Timeline. The chosen Card date will be changed accordingly to your choice.

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