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Each Card can have multiple Notes describing its content or store information.

Add a note
To add note click Add new element button on the right side of the card and then choose to Add note.

Add text to a note

You might add up to 15000 letters to your note - there is an indicator showing how much you have used already.

Add your text and press Save.

You can use rich text in your notes as well - bold, italics and underline styles. You can as well mark a quote or use numbering and pointing in your text. To add rich text to your note, click on A 

button in the right bottom corner of note area, select a style and start writing.

Add checklists to notes

You can add checklists to notes. Checklists can serve i.e. to attach a little to-do list to your note or list of items that needs to be completed.

Click on A button in the right bottom corner of note area and select this icon

to start creating checklist items. Each time you press enter, a new checklist item will be created.

To mark a checklist item as completed, simply select text of a checklist item and click on

button. To unmark a checklist item, proceed in the opposite way.

Change order of notes

To change the order of checklists in the card just use drag and drop. This also work for Todo list items.

Collapse a note

When you have multiple notes or your notes are quite big, you can collapse them by clicking on the following button.

You will be presented the Note's statistics: the amount of its characters and if the Note was updated - date of the last update and user which made the update.

Delete a note

To delete a note just click on more button and choose Remove button.

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