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Board Views

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Board Views make possible to explore Board in many dimensions and use extra features of a Board.

Boards Views contain:


A list is a collection of vertically-arranged cards. They may represent a collection of ideas, things to remember, or the different stages of a workflow.


Calendar shows you all dates, marked with icons: : Start dates, Due dates, Card dates and Personal reminders (Personal Reminders will be shown only to the person who has added them.)

Gantt Chart

A Gantt chart is a bar chart which shows you a project schedule in a highly visual manner. With this functionality, you can set a visual view for all cards which are a part of your project (Board). The cards will be seen in a timeframe view and it’s easy to see their conditions on a present day. Also, the Gantt charts will enable you to see all start and due dates of cards in your Board.


Board Analytics will help you understand what’s happening in a Board and give you an overview of all actions. Analytics insights are updated accordingly to new activities which are happening in a Board.


Board Chat is the place where Board Members can discuss ideas or just chat about things that are not related to any particular card.

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