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Public Boards

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Public Boards can be viewed by every user in KanBo as well as added to his Personal KanBo Home. View access doesn't depend on having any permission to the Board. In the Public Boards, users can join a Board by their own decision and action (if the Joining Mode is enabled).

This Board’s Documents are accessible to everyone (also not only to its members) as well as it is possible to add a Card from there to MyBoard. The document from a public board will be widely seen in the Search section. All users can observe this kind of Board along with its Cards and can search through them. 

1. Adding a Public Board

Simply click + (Add Board Button) in any Board Group. 

 Insert Board's name, select color and choose Board to be Public from the dropdown menu.

In case you are adding a Board with a similar name to other existing Boards, you will be asked if you are sure about creating your Board. Click on Add anyway.

A new newly created Board will be indicated as a Public one on the top menu.

2. Adding users to the Board as Owners, Members, and Visitors.

A Public Board will be visible to you even if you are not added to it as Owner, Member or Visitor. You will also be able to view all Users, Activities in Board activity stream and Documents added to this Board.

Enabling the Joining mode or disabling it

As a Board owner, you can enable or disable the Joining mode. Once you enable it, all users will be able to Join a Board as a new member by clicking on the Join button.

Go to Board and select Settings -> General. Select Open for everyone if you would like to enable Joining mode.

The Join mode

If Board Owner has chosen Join Mode to be enabled, you can use the Join button. Click it and you will be added to Board as a new member.

If there is no Join button, you need to contact a Board owner so he can add you to it.

Adding by Board owner

You can be added by the Public Board owner to the Board to gain more permissions as a member or visitor

Here is the instruction of adding users to the Board.

3. Add a Public Board to Personal KanBo Home

Discover Boards pop-up

Once someone creates a new Public Board, you will be notified about it by the Discover Boards pop-up. You can add a Public Board to your Personal KanBo Home also in a situation when you aren't a member of a Public Board. 

A Discover Boards pop-up will appear also when someone adds you as a Board Owner, Member or Visitor to a Public Board - allowing you to add this Board to Personal KanBo Home.

Discover Boards section

You can also add the Public Board to your Personal KanBo Home by looking for it in Discover Boards section.

Enter this section by using button and look for a Board. Once it's found, click on Add.

In a scenario where you have a couple of browser's tabs pointing to Personal KanBo Home opened and you remove a Board from Personal KanBo Home on one of them, this change will be applied and the Board will disappear in all tabs.

Once this kind of Board is added to your Personal KanBo Home, it can be deleted permanently by Board Owner and then, it will also disappear from your Personal KanBo Home.

Changing a Public board to become a private board

If you wish to change a public board to become a private board, you can enter Board Settings -> General and change that simply in the Visibility section.

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