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Bookmarks functionality allows you to attribute and collect all interesting notifications and messages from KanBo Boards and Cards.

1. The Bookmarks section

Click on your icon in Profile section and then, select Bookmarks.

This is how it would look when some bookmarks are already added.

Let's add some bookmarks. You can add them from Board activities or Card activities.

2. Adding a Bookmark from a Board

Go to the Board and open the Board Activity Stream.

You will now see all actions which have happened in this Board which means:

- all actions are done with Cards in this Board and

- all actions performed on the Board which have no impact on Card Actions

(i.e. changing name of a List, Label etc.)

Click on the Detail level button and change it to Everything to see even more details and make sure you won't miss any action.

Move your cursor to the right side of the activity to see a

button appear. As a next step, click on it and select Add a Bookmark button.

The activity will be added as a Bookmark to the Bookmark Section in your Profile. The fact that the activity become a bookmark will also be indicated in the Board Activity Stream with a blue icon.

3. Adding a Bookmark from a Card

Go to a KanBo Card. Select an activity you would like to add to Bookmarks and hover your cursor on the right side of it. You will see a  

 button appears.

Now click on the  button and now select Add Bookmark. 

Your activity will be added to the Bookmarks section in your Profile. A chosen activity will be indicated with a blue icon in the Card activities.

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