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Card Relations

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In case your project is complex, you might not be aware what are the dependencies between various Cards in your Board. Now you can set a logical relation for every Card and gain a new view of the dependencies between your work activities. Card Relations will help you group Cards related to each other and connect them. 

Cards can be related to the following relations: 

- Parent and child.  

In this relation, one card is superior to a child card, which becomes a sub card of the superior (parent) card. 

- Previous and next card. 

In this relation, one card must be completed, before you can start work with the next card. 

All relations are also visible on a Gantt chart.

Add Card relations
Simply enter a Card and select the Relations button
Click on Add.

Now chose your type of relation.

Now you can set relation to Cards to a Card from the current Board or Card from any other Board to which you have access.  

Tip: There is the possibility of creating multiple parents for cards in their relations. This can be used in the case where one card could be a child to 2 cards.

There are 3 ways to attach a relation to another card:

- search for card

- select existing card,

- create new card.

In field search for card, you can start typing a card's name to find it or simply enter here the full URL address of a Card so it will be found automatically. When you find it, click on Add relation.

Here's how to find an existing card quickly using its URL address.

You can also click on "Select existing card" to find a card through existing cards. 

Board - by default, it is a current board. You can start typing any other board's name to find it or use a dropdown menu to chosen.

Choose also a list and a card from this list. After that, click on Add relation.

There is also a possibility to add a new card to become a card related to this original card.

Specify where you would like to create this new card. In Board selection, by default a current board is chosen. You can start typing any other board's name to find it or use a dropdown menu to choose.

The new relation is now visible in the Card Relations section.

Child cards

Child card groups are a special section of a card that collect all Child cards.

Read more about them here.

Remove Card relations

Enter the Card relations section in Card. Hover over the relation and select 

button. Now select Remove.

Tip: you can open related cards in a new tab of a browser. Simply right-click on a related card and select Open in a new tab.

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