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Board views

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Board views give users the opportunity to save their own views of boards as public and private ones.

    Views will save filters sorting, types of view, orders of dimensions, and other specific settings.

    Creating views

    When a new board is created, user will see information that the board doesn't have any views. He can create them using Add view option.

    There are 4 categories of views:

    - Kanban - this is a view for kanban lists,

    - Calendar - this is for the calendar view,

    - Gantt chart - this is for a Gantt chart,

    - Analytics - for statistics charts.

    User can type a name of a view and make it personal (or not).

    To add new views, open Views pane and select + Add view.

    Exploring views

    When the first view is created, the user can start adding items (like lists) in the view

    User can open the views window to explore other views (chat view will be always created automatically).

    Changing settings of a view

    To change the settings of a view, Views pane needs to be opened and Settings must be chosen.

    View's appearance

    You can change the view's appearance by selecting the appropriate option.

    In the kanban view, you can decide whether to show child cards and the timeline.

    Filtering by user

    You can select users from the bar above and you will apply a filter that will show cards where the person is assigned to.

    Changing order for a view

    Drag&Drop can be used to change the position of the view in the dropdown. The first view will be always shown first.

    Saving views

    If any change is applied to an existing view, you can select to:

    - save it - the existing view will be overridden with changes,

    - save as - it will save this view as a new one,

    - discard changes.

    Removing a view

    To remove a view, user should enter Views section, select more button and select Remove.

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