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User profile and notifications icons and sections

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On the right corner, you will see a user’s section. This section contains 3 icons and your avatar.

Find. Use this button to go into Find (Search) section and look for any keyword.

Notifications. Click on this button to enter the Notifications section. If you have any unread notifications, the number of them will be indicated in an orange circle.

MyBoard. Click on this button to enter MyBoard.

Avatar. Click on it to expand other sections i.e. your settings, your user profile etc.

User’s centre

Once you click on your avatar, you will see many options.

Notifications – click on it to enter Notifications section.
Bookmarks – section all for your personal bookmarks.
My settings – click here to adjust your personal settings.
Show profile – enter this section to enter your profile and edit it.
MyBoard – click on it to enter MyBoard
Toggle fullscreen – click on it to see KanBo in full screen.


The Notifications section appears while you enter the bell icon or click your avatar, and then Notifications. Notifications will be grouped by the time period in which you have received them.

More options button opens the section where you can all mark notifications are read or show all of them. You can also go to Settings to adjust the noise (detail) level of notifications.


Close notifications button allows you to exit the Notifications section.

Mark notifications as read. Use this button to mark the single notification as read.


The bookmarks section appears when you click your avatar, and then Bookmarks. 

Close bookmarks button allows you to exit the Bookmarks section.

Bookmarks. This button indicates that this KanBo activity is added as a bookmark – when you klick on the text of the bookmark KanBo will open the corresponding card and position the Card Activity Stream at the position of the bookmark. Click on it to remove the activity from Bookmarks section.

My settings

The My Settings section appears while you click on your avatar, and then My settings. It consists of 2 options: General and Notifications.

General settings. In this section you can choose your language and enable/disable MyBoard icon to appear next to your avatar.

Notifications settings. In this section, you can set your time preferences for receiving email notifications and disable/enable notifications to sound in KanBo. You can also set the noise level (detail level) of received notifications)


Close settings button allows you to exit the My Settings section.

Show profile

In this section, you can provide information about you, so other users can see it.

Left side:

  • Your KanBo user name and email (or domain name). This information will be generated for you by KanBo.
  • Change picture. Click on the button to select and change your profile picture.
  • Your email. You can enter and save your email there.
  • Your phone number. You can enter and save your phone number there.
  • Your Skype for Business login. You can enter and save your Skype for Business login there.

Right side:

  • First name. You can enter and save your first name there.
  • Surname. You can enter and save your surname there.
  • About me. You can enter and save the most important information about your there (example: your position).
  • Ask me about. You can enter and save information what is information that users can ask you about there.

Users can see each other profiles. Simply click on user avatar anywhere in KanBo to see options:

  • Show profile,
  • MyBoard (notice that you will be able to see someone’s MyBoard only if this user allows you to see it).

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