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MyBoard icons and sections

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MyBoard consists of the following sections:

- MyBoard views.

- MyBoard menu,

- MyBoard Timeline, Lists and Cards – we will skip descriptions of these sections as they work in the same manner as in Boards.


Views consist of;

- Lists,

- Calendar,

- Followed cards.

Lists view allows you to see cards in your MyBoard collected in lists. The blue highlight means that this is a current view.

You can group lists by Boards. Board lists allows you to see cards in your MyBoard collected in lists which indicate Boards from which they come from.

MyBoard calendar allows you to see cards in the calendar view.

Followed cards button leads to section where you will see all your followed cards.

In this special section, you will be able to see all followed cards across all boards to which you have access to. And you can also unfollow single cards or even multiple cards.

MyBoard Menu

 The menu consists of:

- Add my cards,

- Users,

- Settings.

Add my cards

This section allows you to add cards to MyBoard.

While you enter this section, you will have some options what cards to add to your MyBoard. You can add cards from ALL boards or select only a few using the lower section. The target list is this list in your MyBoard where the cards will be added. KanBo will only ad cards that hare not yet in your MyBoard and fulfill the rules set using checkboxes.



In this section you can add visitors to your MyBoard. Click on +Add button to add users which will gain READ ONLY access your MyBoard and will be able to see the contents of it. You can click on any users avatar and then select MyBoard – if the user allowed you access to his/her MyBoard you will be able to access it in READ ONLY.


Settings button allows you to section where you can manage advanced MyBoard settings.


- Outlook sync

Outlook sync allows you to bidirectionally synchronize your Outlook events with MyBoard. This is an optional functionality and its button doesn’t appear by default. It appears only if this additional functionality is enabled for your organization.

- Card adding rules

Card adding rules section allows you to set rules how cards should be added to your MyBoard automatically. KanBo will always keep on adding cards to your MyBoard whenever you be set as responsible or/and co-worker.


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