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See the KanBo newest version.

Management of KanBo Users section

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In the new version of user management, every user has to be added on the Landing page first. Learn more here about adding users to KanBo.

Users section

Enter Settings section from the KanBo Home by using the following icon: 

Now enter Users.

Here you can switch between 2 sub-sections:

- Active users - users which can use KanBo actively,

- Inactive Users - for users which have been deactivated and can't access KanBo.

To see roles of user, select three dots button near user's name.

Now select roles.

Managing user groups

In this section, you can manage the user groups. Open more button and select Manage user groups.

Managing roles

In this section, you can manage the user groups. Open more button and select Manage user roles.

For more details, please see the following manuals:

Adding users to KanBo. 

KanBo User groups

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