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Sending a card comment as Email message

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This feature must be enabled as an additional component.

Learn how to configure this functionality.

This feature makes you able to write a comment/message in a card and additionally mark it for sending to an Email recipient. In combination with a public Email address of a card, you are able to communicate with external users as they will reply to the card directly.

When you write a comment, you can select card to be sent as an email.

You will be asked to create an incoming email address. Thanks to this, users will be able to reply to this email.

Create a custom or random email address:

Now you can select one or more emails to which your message will be sent. Press the send button to send a message.

The comment will be visible in a card and board's activity streams with information to whom the message was sent.

In a moment, your recipients will receive emails similar to this from a public card email address.

If you have the Incoming Emails feature enabled, you can reply to this email and your reply will be added to a card in a couple of minutes.

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