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Personal dates

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You can set a Personal Date on a Card.

It is a date visible only to a person who creates it for himself. Every user can have his own date on each card (one date for a card). It can be used to remind why a Card is important to the user and when. Only the user which created it will be notified once it's due. The user can select a custom name for this card as in custom card dates, but visibility will be private.

Adding a Personal Date

Click on Add Date button and then on Personal Date button. 

Choose a date and the hour for your Personal Date. You can also change its name to custom one.

Save these values.

The time has been chosen for your Personal Date.

Change a date

You can change Personal Date's name by clicking on its name, typing a new one and saving it.

To change the date of your Personal Date, click on the date

Select the desired date and save it.

Removing a Personal Date

Click on the button next to your Personal Date. Click on Remove.

The personal date will be visible in the Calendar views of a Board or MyBoard.

Your Personal date is also visible on a timeline.

Personal dates in MyBoard's calendar view. They will appear when Cards containing a personal date will be added to your MyBoard.

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