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Deactivate user

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Deactivating a user

You can deactivate a user from KanBo. Only users with User manage role can deactivate a user.

Enter Users section on the KanBo Home.

Go to Inactive Users to see them all.

To deactivate, go to the Active Users section and select user which you would like to deactivate. Click on the following button next to the user's name and click on Deactivate.

The selected user will be removed from the Active users list and will appear on Inactive users list.

Description of the user deactivation

A deactivated user:

  • he will not be counted to the amount of KanBo licenses if he has been deactivated from every Board Collection in your KanBo,
  • he has no access to a Board Collection where he has been deactivated from,
  • he is not visible in Active users list in Board's User Center,
  • has deactivated status visible on his User profile,
  • when he is an owner of a Board, a person who deactivates him is being added instead of him as an owner,
  • he cannot be added to any user group in a board even if he is a member in this board - the only removal from a board is possible,
  • he cannot be added (or drag&dropped) to cards,
  • he is visible in all cards to which he is assigned to, but his deactivated status is also visible,
  • he cannot be mentioned,
  • his comments and actions remain on cards and board.

The user's deactivated status will be visible in the view of his/her icon. For example:

An indication of deactivated status can be seen also in user's profile.

Activate a previously deactivated user

To activate previously deactivated users, enter Users section on the Landing Page of KanBo and enter the Inactive user's list.

Click on the following button next to the user's name and select Activate. As a result, this user will lose his deactivated status and return to Active users list.

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