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Nintex Integration

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KanBo now integrates with most advanced workflow platform for SharePoint.

1. Enter Workflow.

2. Drag and Drop actions to create a flow. You can search for any action using the searchbox.

3. Make sure to fill every action's values. See more about actions later in the article.

4. Publish the Workflow.

5. Create a new item in a corresponding Task List.

6. Wait a moment and you will see results in KanBo!

General Actions

Deactivate user 

Removes license from a user.

Grant full license 

Gives deactivated or lite user a full KanBo license.

Grant lite license

Gives deactivated or full license user a lite KanBo license.

Add user to group 

Add user to a KanBo User Group

Add user to KanBo

Adds user to KanBo.

Remove user from the user group

Removes user from a KanBo User Group.

Board Collections

Add board collection

Adds a new Board Collection.

Create Board Collection from template

Move Board Collection

Add board group

Adds a new group of Boards inside Board Collection.

Add board to board group

Adds an existing board to Board group.

Add user to board collection

Adds user inside a Board Collection.

Remove board from board group

Removes an existing board from the  Board group

Remove board group

Removes a group of Boards inside Board Collection

Remove user from board collection

Removes user from Board Collection.

Board actions

Add Board

With Add board Nintex action for KanBo you can create new boards. You can configure its name, board group, and even tile color! Store new board ID in variable and reuse it in other actions.

Close Board

Actions allow you to archive the board.

Add Users to Board

Action gives you the possibility to add certain users or group of users to any board.

Remove user from Board

Removes user from a board.

Create a Board from template 

Create Board template 

Copy Board

Add Chat Message

Posts messages in Board Chat!

Add label

With this action, it's possible to add labels in a Board.

Remove label

Action removed a label from board.

Add list  

This action creates a new list.

Remove list

Removes a list from a Board.

Move list

Changes position of a list. If for example, you have 3 lists and would like 1st list to become 3rd, type 3 in position.

Change Board Color 

Change color of a board tile.

Change List Settings

Change list color.

Card actions

Add Card

Create cards in any board! You need to provide Board ID, List name where to put new card and its name. Store New card ID in a variable to reuse it in next actions. 

Get Card

Get card ID by name from the particular board. You can store the ID for future actions.

Move Card

Your workflow logic will be able to move a card from one list to another. 

Assign User

Assign board member to the card.

Make User Responsible

Your workflow logic will be able to mark card member as responsible. 

Remove User

Removes users from the card.

Set Due Date

Sets a due date in a certain card.

Set Start date

Sets a start date in a certain card.

Set Custom Date

Sets a custom date on a certain card.

Set Pesonal Date

Sets a personal date in a certain card.

Remove Due date

Removes a due date from a card.

Remove Start Date

Removes start date from a card.

Remove Custom Date

Remove Personal Date

Add Comment to Card

Post message in the card activity stream.

Archive Card

Obvious action to archive card.

Delete Card

Or to delete it. Note when board option that prevents card deletion is turned on this action will not apply. 

Attach document

When a document is in board document library you can connect it to the card by name and it's extension (example: document.txt).

Detach Document

The same way you can remove document form card.

Transfer card

Move card between boards. You can specify a list where card will be moved in another board.

Set card label 

Attach a label to a card.

Remove card label

Remove a label from a card.

Setu status

Adds an existing status to a card.


Card element's actions

Add Note

Adds a note with title and text.

Remove Note

This action removes a note from a card.

Add Todo lists

You can add checklist(s) to your card using Nintex workflow engine. Just provide ids name and card ID. It's good to store name in a variable (as default value)….

Add Todo item

….. and reuse it in Add Todo item action!

Mark todo item as completed

Check a Todo item as completed.

Use 0 value for the first Todo item in list, 1 for second, 2 for third etc.

Mark todo item as incomplete

Check a Todo item as not complete.

Use 0 value for the first Todo item in list, 1 for second, 2 for third etc.

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