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Import KanBo Boards from another KanBo environment

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With using KanBo Importer, you will be able to import KanBo Boards from one KanBo environment to another KanBo environment. You can use it to copy Boards also from one KanBo instance to a second one.

Data import is lossless and complex as every element of KanBo Board and Card is transferred directly into a corresponding place in another KanBo. All elements of a card will be transferred, i.e.: Labels, Documents, Users, Comments, Task lists with status, Due Dates, etc.


The following prerequisites need to be fulfilled in order to install the KanBo app.

  • Having KanBo installed in one of many possible installation models (Cloud or on premises) and having KanBo licenses for users.
  • Having KanBo version 2.6 or 2.7.
  • Downloading KanBo Importer package (PC only) Contact us at [email protected] to receive packages.


Download the installation package of the KanBo Importer here.

To make the Importer work, just unzip and double click on .exe file


1. When launched, application looks like on the picture shown below. Click on From KanBo button.

In the top part of the window there are functions/data connected with original KanBo environment and in the lower parts of window there are functions and data connected with second KanBo.

You have entered the Importer configuration panel - here you will have to fill in all fields.

2. Fill the following fields.

KanBo url - your KanBo address

KanBo login - your KanBo login

KanBo password - your KanBo password

Select "Is sp online" if your KanBo is installed on Office 365/SharePoint Online scenario.

In On Premise installation scenario, do not select this option.

3. Now click on Login and then, click on Load data.

4. Now select a KanBo Board you would like to import.

5. Now fill in following fields in the second section.

These will be credentials to your second KanBo environment, to which you would like import Boards from the first KanBo environment.

6. Now click on Login and then, click on Load data.

7. In Users map section you would have to add a .csv (Comma separated format) file containing information about users you would like to import to a Board.

KanBoUserName contains names from the first KanBo environment, from which you Import Boards 

KanBoLogin contains names from the second KanBo environment, to which you import Boards 

It should be done in the following format.

[email protected],[email protected]
[email protected],[email protected] 
[email protected] ,[email protected] 


IMPORTANT: Users which are going to be mapped must be added to other KanBo environment or KanBo instance first. Read how to add users here.  

8. Add a .csv file containing users mapping to the KanBo Importer.

9. Select Import as Public in case you would like to import a Public Board.

10.  Now in KanBo Boards group select a Board Group to which you would like to import and add your Board to.

11. Click on Import.

The look of imported Board in KanBo

Your KanBo board from the first environment has been imported to a desired Board group and is now visible on your Personal KanBo Home.

Lists in a Board will be created in the same number as it was in your original KanBo and they will have the same structure. 

Every element from your previous KanBo card has been imported to a card in KanBo.

Elements that will be imported:

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