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KanBo fails to upload files bigger than 60MB

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You might get an error while uploading a file bigger than 60MB to KanBo. The file might get stuck while uploading to KanBo.

This issue would be fixed with new edition of SharePoint 2019.

The workaround for this issue.

1. Go to your Boards Documents and select Go to Source.

2. Upload the big file in the SharePoint Document Library.

3. Once the file is uploaded, go to your KanBo and enter the Document Section once again.

As you can see, the big file is now available in KanBo.

4. To attach the Document to a Card, you can Drag&Drop this file into a Card.

4. To attach the Document to a Card, you also open this Card, then select Documents. Now expand the Settings of this Document and select Attach to Card.

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