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Deploy KanBo Teams app

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1. Download this file

2. Go into Azure AD -> App Registrations -> Enter the App registration for your KanBo (the one you created during the installation).

3. Open Manifest.

4. Edit the following sections:

- To`"identifierUris": [],` add one item

 "identifierUris": [    "api://your-kanbo-address/your-kanbo-id"  ]

Replease your-kanbo-address with the real address without https://, 

inside your-kanbo-id paste the App ID from App registration.

- To  `"oauth2Permissions": [],` add one item:

"oauth2Permissions": [
"adminConsentDescription": "Allows Teams to call the app’s web APIs as the current user.",
"adminConsentDisplayName": "Teams can access the user’s profile.",
"id": "2626bd4f-d505-49ce-b6d5-ebdeaaa9cb08",
"isEnabled": true,
"lang": null,
"origin": "Application",
"type": "User",
"userConsentDescription": "Enable Teams to call this app’s APIs with the same rights as the user.",
"userConsentDisplayName": "Teams can access the user profile and make requests on the user's behalf.",
"value": "access_as_user"
} ],

- To `"preAuthorizedApplications": [],` add two items:

"preAuthorizedApplications": [
"appId": "5e3ce6c0-2b1f-4285-8d4b-75ee78787346",
"permissionIds": [
"appId": "1fec8e78-bce4-4aaf-ab1b-5451cc387264",
"permissionIds": [

5. Save the manifest

6. Open downloaded

7. Open manifest.json and start editing:

- replace with your real KanBo address

- replace your-ID with App ID from the Azure AD App registration

8. Save the manifest and pack it back into ZIP

9. Go to Teams -> Apps -> Upload a custom app.

10. Upload the there.

11.  In a moment your App should be there.

12. You can add now the app as a tab in the channel.

13. Paste address of your KanBo and select Save.

14. Now you can open KanBo inside Teams.

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