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Updating a tenant (core) in KanBo Search

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To maintain a good performance of your Search, you should perform updates on all cores added to the KanBo Search.

Contact us at [email protected] to receive the most recent Search core package.

Before updating a tenant in the KanBo Search, please make sure that you have the most recent version of KanBo deployed (in any installation model). Contact us to get the newest KanBo version package and if you don't have the most recent version, please perform the whole update procedure.

1. Enter your Virtual Machine where SOLR is deployed.

Go to your local drive (f.ex. C).. Create a new, empty folder here, named "Backups".

2. Find the places where all SOLR files are stored. In our case C:\Solr\solr . Copy the core you would like to update

3. Paste the copied core in the Backups folder on your local drive (f.ex. C).

4. Go to Services->KanBoSearchService (or other name you chose for the service)->Stop.

5. Go back to folder where all cores are stored (C:\Solr\solr in our case).

Enter the core you'd like to update and delete all files from it.

6.Prepare the Solr core files. Please copy it from your local drive and paste it into the opened folder.

7. Now extract it's files in the same location. When it's extracted, delete the .zip file.

8. Open file in the text editor. Change "testcore" to name of Content database. Save these changes.

9. Prepare a connection string to your Content database. You can copy these values from your core's backup in the Backup folder.

Please take the new conf file which is a new core of the KanBo Search. Add it into your core's folder.

Start editing the db-data-config.xml. You can also copy and paste these values from your core's backup file in the Backup folder.

You need to fill one section of your configuration.

Change the URL to a connection string your database 

url="jdbc:sqlserver://{SERVER ADDRESS:1433};databaseName={KanBoContentDB};user={USER};password={PASSWORD}" 

Save these values.

10. Download the Libs file and move it to your server. The file needs to be extracted.

11. Go to your Search Location. Enter the Solr folder.

12. Now enter the libs folder. 

13. Remove all the existing files there and replace them with new ones.

14. Go back to conf folder and open SolrConfig file.

Make sure the version in 2 places suit your Solr version (7.5.0,8.4.1, most likely it will be the newest version 8.6.2).

<lib dir="${solr.install.dir:..}/dist/" regex="solr-dataimporthandler-8.6.2.jar" />

Make sure that the path to the lib folder matches.

   <lib dir="${solr.install.dir:..}/server/solr/${}/libs" />

15. Start SOLR (Services->KanBoSearchService or your service with different name->Start)

16. Enter your Internet browser. Paste there a following URL, adding a solrPort number you already entered.


example: https://localhost:12345/solr/

17. Select your freshly added core in the Core Selector and enter it. Select Clean and Commit in the left pane. Then, click on Data import.

Select "Auto-refresh status" and click on the Execute button.

Step 18. You will see your Indexing being completed in a couple of seconds.

Also please go to Logging section to see if any errors appear.

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