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Board Calendar

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In the most recent version of KanBo, we introduced a modern Calendar that will show you cards with upcoming Card dates. The subsequent days are singled out.

When you enter a Board, select a Calendar view in the Board View menu. 

Image 11685

In this view, you will see all the cards with due dates and personal reminders arranged in a calendar. Icons on the card front are different, depending on the type of date - you will be able to see all types of Card dates: Start datesDue datesCard dates and Personal reminders  (Personal Reminders will be shown only to the person who has added them.)

Image 12416

The present day is indicated with blue color. The calendar shows you cards equipped with icons of a person responsible for a card. This allows you to identify quickly how is responsible for which calendar item. The number of year's week will be also visible in the calendar. Each date is KanBo is equipped with exact information of hour when it will occur and this will also be presented in the calendar view

In the view settings you can select coloruing by the first label in card

Image 12417

This section will show you all the dates coming in a week, sorted by their dates. Now it’s very easy to see the upcoming dates for this time range as well as the week’s workload.

If any dates collide or are chosen for the same day, you will see communicate i.e. +1 more.

Image 12419

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