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See the KanBo newest version.


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As a KanBo user with administrative roles, you can change any settings of this KanBo instance.
Enter Settings on the Landing Page of KanBo. 

Image 10991

Then select General.

Image 11381

You can now configure many aspects of KanBo

  • show version of KanBo
  • set default board template - this means that all boards will be created using the template by default, unless you choose otherwise while creating the Board.
  • disable and enable the deletion of the Board.
  • see the amount of KanBo licenses
  • see the number of users (normal and lite) in this KanBo instance

It is possible to disable the deletion of Boards so you can only close Boards – important information will never get lost.

Image 6923

Image 10993

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