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In the Notification Center, you can track down past actions connected to your user context. Here you will be able to receive information that someone mentioned you in a card and if there is an action in the card you are following or if the due date has exceeded. You will not get a notification about documents updates from achieved cards.

You will now see only the most important notifications at first glance., but you can also select to see every notification or only notifications containing a comment. Moreover, notifications are now grouped into actions from single cards if they happened in a short period of time.

To open the notification center click on the button with bell mark icon. The counter will show you how many unread notifications you have.

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Image 11538

Once you mark a notification as read, it will disappear from the Notifications center. 

Select more button and click on Show all to see all the notifications you have ever received. 

Image 11539

Using Mark all as read button located in the more section of the Notification Center, you are able to determine all unread notifications as read.

Enter notifications, click on the button and select Mark all as read.

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As long as all notifications are marked as read, you will see all the notifications you have received. Please enter Notification Center once again to see them.

You can mark a notification as unread. Hover your cursor over a notification, click on this button and select Mark as unread.

Image 11542

You can set three levels of "Notifications detail" to receive only notifications you want.

For example: if you set to comments only then you will not be notified about i.e. card movements even if you are following a card. The setting will work from date when you set the level.

To set the level, select more button and then, select Settings.

Notification Noise Levels are as follows:

Everything: At this level, everything that is a board or card activity is being shown

Relevant: At this level, you will see a mix of most relevant card activities including comments (default)

Comments:  At this level, the user will only see comments and no other activities / including mentions in notes and to-do items. Button Show All will also disappear from notifications stream.

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Email notifications will pass the notification stream of unread notifications.

Notice that the sorting of notfications by detail level will work only for notifications you receive after configuring this setting. Sorting won't work for notifications which you have received before configuring them.

In KanBo 2.7, you will be also notified that someone:

  • added you to a Board
  •  changed your permisison in a Board
  • removes you from a Board.

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