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Managing cards in MyBoard

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 Adding a Card to MyBoard

Here we will introduce 2 most basic ways to add cards to MyBoard. You can see more ways to fill it with your Cards here.

1. To connect the card to MyBoard click on "Not in MyBoard" button on the top left side of a card.

Now your card will be added to the first list of your MyBoard. You can change that by clicking under "In MyBoard" and choosing the appropriate list.

Image 7536

2. There is an other way to attach a card to MyBoard - by using Quick Actions. Enter a Board's view. Click on pencil icon next to name of a Card you would like to add to MyBoard.

Click on the button and select Add to MyBoard.

Image 6148

Image 7537

Once a card is added to your MyBoard, it will be indicated by icon in Board's view.

Image 6150

Image 7538

Change lists of MyBoard cards

Card is added to first list in your MyBoard. Changing a card's position in list don’t affect card position in the source boards.

You can change card's position in list by using Drag&Drop in Board's view.

Image 7539

You can also go inside this card and select list name under "In MyBoard" section.

Image 7540

Add and edit MyBoard list

By default, there will be some lists in your MyBoard. 

You can adapt the names of Lists to fit your individual style of work and arrange the order of lists in a way you like to organize your workload. You could even add a List called “My Favorited Cards” or “Observing” – remember this is your Personal KanBan and you can do here what you want – it will not affect others – this Board is supposed to help you to stay focused on what’s most important to you.

You can add a new MyBoard list by clicking on +Add new list and typing a name for it.

Image 7549

List name can be changed by clicking on the current title, typing a new title and saving it.

Image 7541

Click on the more button  to change the list's color.

Image 7542

Image 7543

Change position of MyBoard lists You can personalize your MyBoard by adding and changing position of its lists. Simply drag and drop a list to a desired place. Also a timeline is available.

Image 7544

Remove Cards from MyBoard

You can easily remove cards from MyBoard. It won't affect these cards in their original boards as only removal from MyBoard is done.

1. Remove a single card from MyBoard

To remove a single card from MyBoard, go to this card and select more 

Image 6161

button near InMyBoard section. Now select Remove from MyBoard.

Image 7545

You can do the same in Board's view using Quick Actions.

Image 7546

2. Remove all cards from MyBoard list

You can remove all cards from a single list of MyBoard. Select more button near list's name and now select Remove all cards.

Image 7547

3. Remove archived cards from MyBoard

To keep MyBoard clean and organized, you can get rid of archived cards using Remove archived cards button. Select more button near list's name and now select Remove archived cards.

Image 7548

Also, when a Board, containing Cards which have been added to your MyBoard is closed, all deleted Cards are automatically removed from your MyBoard.

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