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Board Collections

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The KanBo home was previously the landing page of KanBo which every user could design according to his needs. KanBo Board collections are the replacement of KanBo Home and allow you to have multiple Board collections on which you can arrange your boards. For example, there can be one Board collection for Marketing related matters, the second one for HR matters, etc. Boards on them can be structured by users themselves. 

The Default Board collection

The Default Board collection will be equipped with the same boards which were located previously on your KanBo Home. This is the first and defaults Board collection to be added. 

Default Board collection must be added while entering KanBo for the first time.

To add a first Board Collection:

- click on the more button near to Board Collections and select Add Existing Board Collection

Choose "Default Desk" and click Add.

Image 10839

Image 10840

- Open the Default Desk when it's added to see your old KanBo Home and boards.

Image 10841

Adding a new Board collection

To add a new Board collection, select the + button and choose to Add new board collection.

Image 10842

Then, type a name for a new Board collection and select Add.

Image 10843

Adding Boards to a Board collection

You can see all Boards to which you are added or to which you have access in the All Boards section. All these boards can be added to your Board collection.

To add an existing Board to your Board collection, click on the + button on any Board collection and select Add existing Board.

Image 10844

Now you can select a Board you would like to add. Click on Add button to confirm the action.

Image 10845

If there are many existing Boards, use the "Find boards" searching field to find the exact board. You will see Boards containing your keyword in the first place. There will be also boards which names don't suit your keyword in their names. They will contain keyword inside of them, for example in a card.

Image 10846

To add (create) a new Board to your Board collection, click on the + button on any Board collection and select Add a new Board.

Image 10847

Types of Board collections

Image 8231

Private Board collection - this is a private Board collection, which is created by you and used only by you. It hasn't been shared with anyone.

Image 8232

Shared Board collection - this is a Board collection that is shared with chosen people, which were made visitors or owners in your Board collections. See the next sections to learn more about sharing Board collections.

Image 8233

Public Board collection - this Board collection is public to everyone and everyone can use it. See the next sections to learn more about making Board collections public.

Modifying the Board collection

You can change the Board collection's name, description or position among other Board collections. Select the three dots and then click on Details.

Image 10848

Now change the name and modify the description.

Image 10849

TIP: You can also click on the name of Board Collection, to edit it.

To make a Board collection public, select it in the Board collection's settings. When a Board collection is public, everyone will be able to see and add it.

Image 10850

To change a Board collection position among others, simply Drag&Drop the Board collection to the desired position.

Image 10851

Sharing the Board collection with other users

You can share Board collections with other users or even with KanBo user groups so as a user you will see your own Board collections as well as Board collections that have been shared with you. When you share you can grant users or Groups read-only right or editing right so they will be able to make changes to the Board collection and they will be visible to all other users that can access that Board collection – no real-time required.
Last but not least, you will receive a notification that someone has shared a Board collection with you or changed a Board collection that was shared with you.

To share a Board collection with other users, go to Board collection and select more buttons. There, select Details.

Image 10853

Now start adding users to Owners (read and write access) or Visitors (read access). You can add multiple users at once. It's possible to add entire user groups to a Board collection. In this scenario, multiple users will be added to a Board collection at once.

Image 10852

To remove a person from Board collection, use the more button and then select Remove.

Image 10855

If someone has shared a Board collection with you, you will receive a notification about this fact. To add a Board collection shared by someone, simply select + button near Board collections, choose Select existing Board collection and then select a Board collection you would like to add.

Image 10856

Counters on a Board collection

Board collections are equipped with counters on them. If any actions take place in Boards belonging to the Board collection, you will see the number of activities in the Board collections pane.

Hide a Board collection

To Hide a Board collection, select three dots button (more) near to Board collection's name and select Hide.

Image 10857

Delete a Board collection

To delete a Board collection, hover over a Board collection and select the more button, then Details, then Delete.

Image 10858

Add a Link to a Board collection

Each board collection regardless the type has its own dedicated URL that can be sent to others or even used to create a link to it inside a boarding group of another board collection to chain them together into a hierarchy (

To add a link, select + button and then select Add link.

Image 10860

Type the details and add.

Image 10861

Image 10862

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