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Document Sources

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One of the new powerful features in KanBo is one called Documents Sources. By default, all attachments which are added to a card are stored in one dedicated SharePoint Document Library. This document library is being created during board creation – when you create a new board a new SharePoint Team Site1 is created for you.

Our customers often ask us how can they use their existing documents from different libraries and how to assign them to cards. Especially for them, we came up with Document Sources. This functionality allows you to attach multiple already existing SharePoint Document Libraries to one board! What is more, permissions from these libraries have priority over the board. That means if you are a member of a board and you visit a card that has an assigned document from the library that you do not have access to, you will see this document signed with red font and you will not be able to edit or open it.

In the following article, you will find out how to configure and deal with Document Sources.

Step 1. Register document library in KanBo

Only Board Collection Members have permissions to register a new Document Source within KanBo.

To register a new one, go to the landing page and open Settings by clicking on a left pane. Select Document Sources.

Image 11033

Image 11382

The new window contains all currently used SharePoint Document Libraries including those created during every board creation. 

Image 10571

To register the already existing Document Library, click the +Add button.

Image 10573

Image 10574

Now you can choose from 3 options:

1) Modern SharePoint drive - Choose an Office365's group which is connected to a modern SP Site

Image 10575

2)Add by URL - Paste the URL to the existing folder in your tenant

Image 10576

3) (RAW) MS Graph file - get Drive ID from MS Graph explorer and paste it here.

Image 10577

Click on the following button to see more options: Check permissions and Repair Document Sources.

Image 5734

Image 10578

By using Check permissions button you can verify whether you still have permissions to these libraries

. A green indicator shows that this Document Library is accessible to you, red means that you don't have any permission to this Library.

Image 10579

Step 2. Connect registered document source with board or boards

Now you need to navigate to specific KanBo board where you want to connect just registered Document Source. Note that only board owners can assign Document Sources to a board.

Firstly, click Documents on the left pane and then click on the Document Sources button.

Image 11032

Here you can see already assigned Document Sources to that board. Click on the more (three dots) button and then click on Document Sources.

Image 10581

You will see all document sources assigned to this board.

Click on + Add to add more document sources. You can check to multiple registered documents libraries and add them at one click. After you chose desired libraries, click Add Selected.

Image 10582

Once you click the more (three dots) button near to Document Source's name and choose Set as default, all new documents added to the cards will be stored in that Document Source. Here you can also remove a Document Source.

Image 10583

Step 3. Use it!

When you’re viewing the Board, open Documents section on the left pane. Using drop-down, change the library to recently registered Document Source. You will see all the files. Using drag and drop option you can attach documents to card or cards.

Image 10584

You can attach already existing documents directly from Documents to Card. 

User with no access

In a second situation, user has no access to the a certain Document Source. When she or he is trying to see documents from it, an altert "No access" appears.

Documents attached to a Card coming from a Document Source to which a user doesn't have access, won't be accessible for him/her. This user isn't allowed to see or edit these files.

Tips and tricks:

  • Many boards can use one common SharePoint Document Library
  • As a document source you can connect user private OneDrive for Business space! You one share document with specific person than it will be able to see or edit documents there.

You can connect document library form different Site, Site Collection, Web Application and Farm! You only need to have permission to that space.

Advanced scenario - moving card which contains documents from custom Document libraries (Document Sources).

In this scenario, there are boards A and B. Board A contains a default Document Source and a custom one, added from another Site Collection. Board B contains a default Document Source and a custom one, added from another Site Collection which is chosen as default in this board.

There is a card C in board A, which contains 2 documents: one (1) from default Document Source and one (2) from the custom Document source. When you move card C into board B, only document 1 will be added to board B and document 2 will remain the same (it won't be added again or overwritten).

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