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Board is basically a product, project, resource, or organizational structure that is under continuous development. A board can represent anything and have a variety of uses. Boards have a collection of lists, and lists contain Cards.

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Types of Boards

There are 2 types of Boards:

- Private Boards - these Boards are not visible or accessible to everyone in your KanBo. You must be added by Board Owner to become a member or visitor in this Board.

- Public Boards - Everybody can view these Boards or add them to Personal KanBo Home. You can be added by the Board owner to the Board to gain more permissions as a member or visitor. If the Board owner enabled Joining Mode in this Board's settings, you will be able to join this Board and receive member access.

Group creation scenarios

- In the on-premise world, once you create a board, a new SP site gets created within KanBo Site Collection. KanBo created there a document library for the board and adds 3 security groups that match KanBo permissions - Owner, Member, Visitor.

- In the cloud world, when you create a new board, you can choose to create a new Office 365 group or not. In case creating groups is disabled in your tenant,  users won't be able to create a new office 365 group. They will be able to attach only existing groups to a board.

Moving through Board's Lists

To scroll the Board horizontally we recommend to click and hold a free space and move your mouse to get to the List you want quickly. Eventually, you can click on the scrollbar at the bottom of the Board to jump to the position you want.

For hardcore KanBo users with huge boards, we recommend a mouse with a horizontal wheel - it is a great experience in navigation. Some of the new Notebooks also support two-finger horizontal scrolling on the track-pad.

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