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Real time work

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With this fundamental KanBo feature, you will be always up to date with changes made by other users. You don’t have to refresh your browser to see recent activity. Everything is done just in time and you always have the latest news insight.

KanBo creates another level of collective understanding where everyone is at work regardless of where someone is working. You know more what is happening than if you were physically in the same room.

Whenever you are working in KanBo you will always see the most recent information with zero delays. When you open a card representing a certain context or portion of work you will see the recent actions, involved people, documents are always available in the newest version, so you do not have to search for them, all status and date information are as they are. On the board level, you see where everything stands and all the movements of cards between lists or status as they happen in real-time across all devices. On the highest level of Board Collection, all changes are shown as counters displaying in a consolidated way what is going on as things happen in Boards.

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