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Card Dates and Remiders

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As time is the most precious resource we added more possibilities to deal with dates on cards. We have added a Start date for a card and Custom dates that can be added multiple time with titles representing whatever it stands for. Finally, we have added personal reminders.

You can add four types of Dates to your KanBo Card:

  1. Start Date -  this date allows you to indicate a date to start your task (card).
  2. Due Date - stands for the final term of completing a Card. You can appoint an exact time frame to complete work by creating a Start date and a Due date in a card.  It's possible to create Gantt Charts (with using also Card relations) based on a timeframe of these dates.
  3. Card Date - this date might be any other date than a start date and a due date. It might be very handy to appoint milestones in your project or any events which appear through completing work in a card.
  4. Personal date - it is a date visible only to a person who creates it for himself. It can be used to remind why a Card is important to the user and when. Only the user which created it will be notified once it's due.

The user can add custom reminders to dates in a card in a chosen time before the date begins. Also, a set of default reminders is available for these dates. See more here in this article.

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    Now in the card dates section, you will see more information regarding dates. Not only the exact date will be shown, but you will be presented with information on how many days ago the date has passed or how many days are left until the date comes.

    Now,  once you add dates to a Card in a Board, you will be presented with an indication of Start datesDue datesCard dates and Personal dates in the Board’s Timeline and Calendar. Every date type will be indicated with a different icon.
    Personal dates will be shown only to the person who has added them. 

    Image 12061

    The special meaning of The List/Status Role "None".
    This role marks a card as NOT WORK - JUST INFORMATION , accordingly the reminders do not fire, the due dates are not shown in colors because they cannot be overdue since None is NOT work just pure information. If a card has a subcard that is JUST INFORMATION (has a Role of "None") then it will not be displayed inside the Board View on the card as a Sub Card, because it is just a relation to an information that happen to be card.

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