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To add labels and set labels names, enter Labels section in the Board.

Image 11706

You can now create as many labels as you wish aside from the default number of 6.

Image 11707

Simply click +Add label icon, enter a label's name and color and press Add.

Image 11708

Tip: New labels can be also created from inside of Card. Simply go to Labels section and then click Add labels. Here choose to create a new label (set a name and color for it).

Image 11709

You can change its default names by clicking on a label's name. Enter your custom name and save changes.

Image 11710

Image 11711

You can also use Search inside of Labels section. To change the order of labels, move them using Dra&Drop.

Image 11712

You can also easily equip many cards with labels using Drag&Drop labels to cards in the board view.

Image 11713

To remove labels, click on the three dots button and select Remove

Image 11714

Now when you:

  • add or remove labels from a Card,
  • add a new label in a Board,
  • change name of a label,
  • remove a label from a Board,

the action will be indicated in Card's or Board's stream, depending on to which area the action is corresponding to.

Image 11715

Now when you add multiple labels, they will be ordered by the same order as they have in a Board.

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