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When your board happen to have too much cards and you notice that you waste time for searching important content, you should start using filtering feature. 

To enter filters, sect Filter on the top of your board.

Image 12420

There are 5 options of filtering and they can be combined.

You can choose 2 other filtering options:

- Match all - in this scenario, two filtering conditions must appear simultaneously to show you results.

- Match any - in this scenario, at least one filtering circumstance must be fulfilled to show you results.

And you can also apply NOT on any of the 5 options.

by any typed text

You can filter your Cards by any text you want. Choose to filter by text and write down any keyword you need.

Image 12421

by card status

You can filter your cards in a Board by using Card status filter. You can choose one or multiple of Card statuses which you configured in Card statuses settings. 

Image 12422

by choosing labels

Cards filtering is also possible by using labels. You can set up to 6 labels per a Board (See Set label names for information about who set up labels). You can choose one or multiple labels to return the desired cards.

Image 12423

by choosing users

Another way for easier finding Cards is filtering by users. When you select a user you will see all cards where this user is added. You can choose many users and combine different types of filtering.

Image 12424

by choosing dates

you can now filter all your cards by their due dates.

Image 12425

by blockers

Image 12426

by card relations 

Image 12427

TIP: try to combine these methods to get very exact results!

When you close the Filter panel the filtering is still active – you can see that because the Filter icon is blue.

Image 11742

You can clear filter by going into Filter section and choosing Clear all option. You can close the filter section and clear off filter using the X button.

Even if you enter a card and navigate back – the board remembers the filters. Once you navigate away from the Board and come back filters will be reset.

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