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Board Activity Stream

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Every user has a possibility to check history of action that happened in a Board.

To open the history log, click on Activity icon in the Board menu.

Image 11744

You can scroll the Board activity stream until the beginning of the Board.

Image 11745

You will now see only most important activities at first glance as the detail level of Stream is shown in the Everything detail level. With the detail level, you can specify how many notifications about a board you would like to see in the board's stream.

Everything: At this level everything what is a board or card activity is being shown.

Relevant: At this level you will see a mix of most relevant card activities including comments (default).

Comments : At this level the user will only see comments and no other activities.

Look of stream with Everything level mode on:

Image 11746

Look of stream with Relevant level mode on:

Image 11747

Look of stream with Comments level mode on:

Image 11748

You can change the detail level by clicking on the current detail level and selecting another level from dropdown menu.

Image 11749

See the guide for icons indicating user's actions here.

There is a possibility of seeing Activities of a Board right from the KanBo Home.

 In KanBo Home, hover over a desired board. Now the Activties icon will appear. 

Image 5756 Click on it to see the Board's activities. Clicking this button will reset the counter of activities on the Board's tile.

Image 11750

Adding new labels, removing them and changing their names is indicated in Board's stream.

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