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Icons on a card

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When you look at the Board you will see that every card has various icons. They represent the content. At the top of the card you can see colors that represents assigned labels.

On the following picture you can see that cards:
  • has been added to your MyBoard,
  • has an eye icon which indicates that you follow all activities in a card,
  • has a Note added in activity stream,
  • has a label,
  • has a To do list with 3 items and one of them is completed. There is also a line above icons indicating progress of completing your tasks,
  • has 1 subcard and none of them is completed,
  • has a Due date,
  • has a Start date,
  • has a Card status
  • has members assigned to it.

In KanBo version 2.7, we have changed Cards' looks in a Board. The biggest changes are: removing the grey section, changing the icons' location and bolding the card's progress line.

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