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KanBo presence indicator

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When can I expect someone to collaborate with me on work related things? KanBo activity presence is part of a user’s profile in KanBo. It indicates user’s current availability and status to other users in the organization that are using KanBo. If users are actively working in KanBo you and the rest of the organization will be able to see that you are present – green. If you haven’t been active in KanBo for a while your presence will be “grey” indicting to others that you are not actively present in KanBo right now. If you are on holiday, based on your setting in Outlook or Google calendar, KanBo will indicate your unavailability by showing a black presence along with the date of your return from holiday.

Image 8444

Users which are already logged in KanBo will be marked with a green dot, indicating that they are online.

Users who are offline will be marked with a grey icon until they log in.

The indication will be present in:

- User's section on the landing page and Board,

Image 8317

-In Desk's user management,

Image 8321

- User's icon (top right)

Image 8318

- Stream of board

Image 8319

- Card's stream

Image 8320

Presence Indicator can be disabled. See more here.

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