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Follow a Card

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Table of Contents

  1. Follow a card
  2. Card followers
  3. Unfollow a card

Follow a card

Learn what you have to do if you want to be up-to-date with all the news at a card even if you are not its member. Following a card will cause you to receive notifications about every activity in the card.

1. Follow from the card level

Enter a card you want to follow.

1. Press three dots next to the name of the card.

Image 14209

2. Select Image 14211 Follow.

An eye icon will appear next to the name of the card. It is a confirmation that you are following this card. 

Image 14210

Now you will be informed about any changes with a notification.

2. Follow from the board level

You can also start following a card from the board view level by using Quick Actions.

1. Press on the card status icon.

2. Select three dots.

3. Select Image 14211 Follow.

Image 14214

Card followers

Discover who else keeps track of changes

There is an option to see who else is following this card. Select two-eyes icon at the Card members section in the card view.

Image 14212

Unfollow a card

You can unfollow card the same way as follow it, both from the card and the Board level. Another option is just pressing the blue eye icon at the card view and selecting Unfollow.

Image 14215

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