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Archive card

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Once your done List becomes long, you should consider unused cards.

To archive a Card, simply select the Archive button in a Card. 

Image 11493

You can do the same using Quick Actions in the Board's view. Hover over a card, then select the pencil icon on the left top side of a card. Now go to three dots (more) button and select Archive.

Image 11494

Click on the Archive button on the left pane of the Board will allow you to see archived Cards in that board. 

Image 11495

Once you enter the Archive, you will see all cards that have been archived in this Board. You can look for a special card using the Find field.

Image 11496

From this place, you have the possibility to send archived cards back to the Board. Click on Send to board button to achieve that.

You can clearly recognize cards in MyBoard or Search section that have been archived in the original Boards.

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