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Card Documents

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Card Document

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Add a document
  3. Download a document
  4. Edit a document
  5. References
  6. Detach, delete or remove?


Documents are integral part of work. Therefore, you can take them with you into the KanBo world. Add documents to cards and share with others. Edit existing files or create new one. Use document templates and automatic document folder definition. You can build the structure of the company documents library with a little help of KanBo features. 

Where exactly are card documents?

Every document which appears in a card, goes to card elements section and occurs in Board documents section. All these files have a source at SharePoint Document Library which is generated during the Board creation.

Documents can be stored in cards with:

All card documents are stored on the right section of a card.

Image 14012

Add documents to a card

There are several methods to add documents to a card. 

1. Upload documents using drag&drop

You can simply drag and drop a document right to a card. It works both inside and outside a card, at the Board view.

Image 13999

2. Add documents by pasting to the card
 New feature! 
Try to add a new file by copying it and pressing CTRL+V at a card. It can be a screenshot as well as a file copied from your hard drive.

 IMPORTANT  After entering a card remember to click somewhere to activate this feature. It can be a grey card area or any other card section. Now you can press CTRL+V and pasting document will work.
There are 3 types of clipboard content that are supported by KanBo:
1. Document - copy a document (one file) at File Explorer at your device and paste it at a card
2. Screenshot - take a screenshot and paste it at a card
3. Text - copy a text and paste it at the text field (as before)

Pasted files and images will be uploaded to a card in the same way as drag&drop uploading.

3. Add documents with card menu
After entering a card more options are available. 

1. Press + Add element button to open card elements menu.

2. The last three positions are related to documents. 

Image 14000

Document group contains files added to a card. It allow you to categorize your documents by any condition you may need and exist only in card as a group. Another thing is a document folder which represents real existing folder with documents. Any change in its content affects the source folder.

3. Press Document to add a file.

Image 14005

4. Select whether you would like to:

  • upload it from your PC
  • add existing document from Board documents
  • create a new one, blank documents of selected type:
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
  • create a new document with a document template.
4. Adding images
Same rules apply to pictures. Additionally, when you add an image to your card, its thumbnail will be shown in a card activity stream.

Download a document

Choose downloading when you want to save the file at your hard drive. Now you can edit it without making changes at the source file.

1. Hover over a document and click on three dots button next to document's name.

2. Choose Download.

Image 14015

Edit a document

1. Change the name
Unlike the group or folder name, changing the name of any document in card affects the source document name.

1. Press a three dots button over a document name.

2. Select Rename and type a new name.

Image 14008

2. Edit a file

In On-Premise environments, you can just click on a document and it will be opened in Word.

1. Hover over a document and hit a three dots button.

2. Select Open. Your document will be opened online. 

Image 14007

3. Make changes to the file.

4. Save changes. This feature uses a native SharePoint document versioning functionality. After save you will see information in a card stream.

Image 6003

Co-authoring simplifies collaboration by enabling multiple users to work productively on the same document without intruding on one another's work or locking one another out. This functionality works both in Word Online and Word in Browser.

 NOTE  The changes you made will appear immediately in all places where the document is present. You can find out about them with references.

See card's references

You can easily see to which cards a document is attached to.

1. Hover over a document and click on three dots button next to its name.

2. Choose References.

Image 14014

3. Now you see every card which contains this document. Its modification will cause changes at these places too.

Image 14063

Detach, delete or remove?

Sound similar, but have completely different effects.

1. Detaching documents works only at groups. It means that a document disappear from the card but is still present at Board documents section

Image 14009

2. When you decide to delete a document it will be clear out from everywhere, even the source folder at SharePoint library.

Image 14010

After choosing this option you will see the pop-up window to confirm the action.

3. Removing is allowed with document groups and folders. It has no impact on the source files. Removing a group or a folder means taking out from the card.

Image 14011

After choosing this option you will see the pop-up window to confirm the action.

Learn how to create a document template to make your work easier.

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