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Card Documents

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Adding documents

There are several methods to add Documents to a Card.

In KanBo you can add multiple Document groups containing documents added to a Card. This will allow you to categorize your documents by any condition: their type, date, purpose etc. Read more about this feature.

Upload document using Drag and Drop option

You can simply Drag and Drop a document right from your PC to a Card.

Image 11889

⦁ Browse your local hard drive for a file

In the Documents, section click Upload and then click Browse on the bottom of the windows. Select and documents and click Open.

Image 11890

Image 11891

Image 11892

Once you add a document to Documents section, go back to Card. Open documents section in a Card, find your document and choose Attach to the card.  You can also move this document by Drag&Drop to a Card.

Image 11889

⦁ Assign already existing document from SharePoint Document Library

Enter Documents section and select a Document Source from which you would like to add a document (from dropdown menu).

Image 11893

Click on the Upload button and select a file to add from the SharePoint Document Library. Once you select a Document, use Drag&Drop to move a file to the card.

Image 11894

Adding images

When you add an image to your card, its thumbnail will be shown in a stream as well as in the Documents section on the right.

Download a document to your hard drive

If you want to download your document from a Card, please hover over a document, click on

Image 1993

next to Document's name and click Download.

Image 11895

Document versioning

When you hover over a document and hit a more button, you can select Open in browser. Your document will be opened in Office Online. In On-Premise environments, you can just click on a document and it will be opened in Word.

Image 5999

Start editing document. Now you can make changes to the document.

Image 6002

This feature uses a native SharePoint document versioning functionality. After save you will see information in card's stream.

Image 6003

Document collaboration

Co-authoring simplifies collaboration by enabling multiple users to work productively on the same document without intruding on one another's work or locking one another out. This functionality works both in Word Online and Word in Browser.

Image 6004

See card's references

You can easily see to which Cards a document is attached to, by clicking on more button, then References.

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