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Due date

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Due date stands for the final term of completing a Card. You can appoint an exact time frame to complete work by creating a Start date and a Due date in a card.  It's possible to create Gantt Charts (with using also Card relations) based on a timeframe of these dates.

Adding a Due date

To specify a due date for a Card, select Add date button from the menu on the left side of a Card and choose Due date.

Select a day on the calendar and an hour for a Due date.

We have improved the Due date UI picker, so you won't lose track of your Due dates. Dates in light and dark blue background indicate a present day and a Due Date you chose.

Image 11897

Image 11898

Image 11899

Removing a Due date

To remove a due date, hover over it, select the more button and then choose to remove.

Image 11900

When a Due Date exceeds, you will see this term indicated with a red mark on your Card.

Image 11901

What is more, the expiration of this due date will be indicated with a red color of text also in your Board's view.

Image 11902

You can also now Drag&Drop Cards on Timeline. A chosen date will be added as a Due date to a Card.

Image 11903

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