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How to use the KanBo Outlook App

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As for almost all communication inside of your organization KanBo can be used, the communication with the external business world still takes place via email. With this KanBo feature you will be able to easily put the information coming from outside of your organization into the appropriate context (KanBo Card) so others can profit from it and be more productive.

The Outlook App makes it easy for you transfer information from an email to KanBo. This App equips you with the ability to convert Emails into KanBo Cards. It is also possible to select an existing KanBo Card and attach information from the email to it. During this process the KanBo Outlook App decomposes the email into parts like sender, receiver, subject and attachments. All that information is placed into the KanBo Card as separate elements to increase usability of these information. The attachments are uploaded to the SharePoint Library that has been selected in the KanBo Board settings as default for Email attachments and linked with the newly created or selected KanBo Card.

The KanBo Outlook App has been developed according to the newest Microsoft standards called “Office Web Apps”. It makes the installation on clients obsolete and it runs on Outlook 2013/2016 on local computers as well as on Outlook Web Application (OWA) in a browser.

KanBo Outlook App is available in 4 languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Polish
  • Spanish

Enter the email in Outlook in which KanBo Outlook app add-in is located. Click KanBo Outlook App button - "Send to KanBo".

Image 6635


In the modern experience of Outlook in the browser (OWA), you must perform additional steps to bring back the KanBo Outlook Add-in icon. See more here.

Click on Connect button to connect your KanBo account to Outlook Add-in.

Image 6636

Click on OK to confirm this action.

Image 6637

You will see a communicate, informing you that you have successfully connected to KanBo.

Image 6638

Outlook App is now connected. Choose if you wish to add a new card out of this email or to add this email's content to existing card.In our scenario, we will create a new card.

Image 6642

Click on "Select target Board" to choose a Board in which this email will be created. Boards will be sorted alphabetically. You can search for boards in this field.

Image 8246

You will see all Boards in the same way you see them in KanBo. Now select "Select target list" field to choose a list in which new card will be created.

Image 6644

In this step you can configure card details:

- Card name,

- Users - start typing a name of your KanBo co-users to find ones to be added to your card,

- Due date - a date picker will appear in which you can set a due date. Once it is set, configure a hour of this date using the horizontal slider.

- Attachments - here you will have a list of all files which will be added to a card, incl. attachments from your email. You can select and deselect attachments in order to include or exclude them from uploading to KanBo The .eml file contains your email in a self-containing format so you can open it from KanBo using Outlook.

- Labels - set existing labels to your card.

Image 6647

If Card statuses and Card templates are enabled in the Board, you can select them as well.

If you select a Card template, a card will be created out of this template. If the template is not chosen, card will be created as an empty one.

If you choose a status, a card will have this status attached. If no status is chosen, the card will be created with the default status.

Image 9148

In Elements section, you can choose to add a Comment, Note or a Task list to your Card.

Image 6648

Image 6649

Scroll down and click on Done button once your have finished your entries and your email will be added to KanBo.

Image 6650

Wait a few moments as your card will be added to KanBo.

Image 6651

Your KanBo Card has been successfully created.

Press on "Go to card" to see your Card in KanBo.

Image 6652

Your Card is now also visible in Lists in which you choose to add your email to in KanBo Outlook app.

You will enter KanBo Board in a new window in your browser. Now enter your freshly created Card.

Image 11383

Your card has been successfully created. On following Card you will see all your data from the email.

Image 10945

You can also preview all emails added by using the KanBo Outlook App to the Card. Your emails will appear in a pop-up after clicking on the Email attachment.

Image 10946

Click here to enter KanBo Outlook App Installation guide.

Common Issues

1. KanBo Outlook App is an Office 365 Add-ins. Add-ins do not work on shared mailboxes and you can use our add-in only on your non-shared, private mailbox.

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