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Add a new list

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You need to be the Board owner to be able to create a new List. To add a new list click on Add new List button on the last position of Lists. 

Image 11399

Paste the name and click on add. The color for a list will be chosen at random, but you can change it.

Image 11400


By default, a new list is created at the last position. You can change position by using Drag&Drop.

Image 11401

To add a new Card in the list, click on + Add new card button.

Image 11402

Enter your Card's name and click Add.

Image 11403

You can now also use the CRTL+Enter shortcut to speed up adding new Cards to a List. When you finish writing a Card's name, simply click this combination and a new empty Card will be added in your List.

Add new Card is now on top of the list and new Cards appear above existing ones. Also moving cards to empty lists is improved.

Image 11404

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