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Board templates

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Flexible Enough to Meet Any Business Need

Any team can plan and manage their projects more effectively starting with KanBo templates. Enable your project teams to adapt through organizational learning. The use of project templates is a great way to improve efficiency – by allowing every project team to benefit from your organization’s accumulated project management and process knowledge. In addition to single Board Templates, KanBo provides also complex Template Sets, which consist of multiple boards within card-relations between them. Boost your productivity with our templates from KanBo Solutions Shelf.

If you want to see a gallery of KanBo templates, click here.

Creating new Board templates

1. Click on the Boards section and open Board templates. Click on + button.

Image 11008

2. Select Add new Board template.

Image 11821

3. Figure out a name and color for the Template board.

(TIP: every time you create a new Board, you can select a template from which you will create it).

Image 10818

Click on Add to finish.

4. Your Board template will be indicated among other boards.

Image 11822

5. Now you can arrange Board template to your needs. See more here:

- articles about Boards,

- articles about Cards

All contents of this Board will be mapped in the template you just created.

Making a template of an existing board

If you have a well-arranged and useful board, you can create a template out of it.

1. Open a board, click on the more button and select Create board template.

Image 11823

2. Now select Create board template.

Image 11824

Select color and name for your template and click on Add.

Add existing Board template

1. Click on + Add Board on the KanBo Desk.

Image 10824

2. Select Add existing board template.

Image 10823

3. Select the template you would like to use. In case there are many templates there, use search to find the right one.

Image 10825

Using Board templates

1. To create a Board from the template or to copy a Board template, click on three dots button when you hover over your Board template.

Image 11825

Here you can also choose to create a Board from a template or copy it.

2. If you choose to create a Board from the template, you will be prompted to figure out a name and color for it. Then, hit add to finish the action.

Image 11826

A freshly created board will have the same structure as the template, using the following rules

- list positions, names, roles and colors will be the same,

- Board General Info will not be copied,

- documents will be copied.

- users will be not copied (you must add them again),

- archived cards will be copied,

- activities in the stream will not be copied (for cards and boards),

- labels will be copied,

- card statuses will be copied if they are enabled in template board,

- chat messages will not be copied,

- relations inside a board will be copied, the external will be not.

3. If you choose to copy a Board template, you will be prompted to choose a color and name for the copied template.

Image 10830


the same actions are possible inside a Board. Enter 3 dots button (more) and choose an action.  

Image 11010

Downloading and Uploading templates

You can save a template as a file .kbt (KanBo Boars Template). With this, you are able to upload the board on any other KanBo environment that the one where you have created the Board first.

1. To download a Board, select three dots on the Board's tile and select Download as Board template.

Image 11827

You can perform the same action by going into the Board and selecting Download as Board template.

2. The file will be downloaded. See the progress bar for more details.

Image 10832

3. To upload a Board Template, go to Boards -> Board templates and select Add board template from file.

Image 11828

4. Now select the downloaded file.

Image 10834

Image 10835

5. Follow the progress bar. When it completes, a new Board template will be created. You can use it to create Boards with the same structure as in the original Board.

Image 10836

 Viewing all Board templates

1. To view all Board templates, go to Boards section on your desk.

Image 11011

2. Now select Template boards to see them all.

Image 11829

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