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Card templates

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Don’t start from scratch every time

Card templates come in handy when you need to create complex cards of similar predefined structures, subtasks, and documents quickly. KanBo’s powerful card templates are designed with customization and flexibility in mind and will help your team share actionable knowledge so you can benefit from the experiences of others. A card template can be created of any other existing card or can be created as a new one exactly the same way as you were working on a regular card. You can even collaborate with others while building your perfect card template.
All Card Templates are stored by the Board and you can set any custom Card Template you built as a default for creating new Cards in that Board ensuring all cards have a similar structure – if needed you can adapt cards created from templates to your requirements.

Creating new card templates

1. Choose a Card you would like to create a template from. Select More.

Image 11830

2. Select Create a template. 

Image 11831

3. Figure out a name for the template card.

Image 11832

4. Click on Create to finish.

TIP: You can also make a template out of the card using Quick actions.

In the Board view, select Quick actions, then select more (three dots button) and choose to Create a template.

Image 11833

Create a new card out of template

1. Start creating a card.

Image 11834

2. You can choose now in the Template section:

- empty - card will be created as empty,

- from template - you can choose one from possible template options. We chose the template created from previous steps.

Image 11835

The following rules applied to cards created from the template:

- the stream will not be copied,

- Start date, due date, and Card date will be copied,

- sub card groups and relations will not be copied,

- Todo Lists, Notes, and documents will be copied (in case of documents, you must notice that it is the same document as in the template card, it's just attached now also to the card created out of the template,

- users will not be copied,

- categories will be copied.

Apply a card template to the existing card

In case you have an existing card, but you would like to add there a structure from the card template, you can use Apply a template option.

1. Choose a Card you would like to create a template from. Select More.

Image 11836

2. There select an Apply template button.

Image 11837

3. There choose a template you would like to apply on the card.

Image 11838

Viewing all card templates

1. To view all card templates, go to Board and Settings.

Image 11839

2. Now select Card templates

Image 11840

3. You will see there all available card templates.

Image 11841

4. There you can set Card templates as a default one. This means that all cards that will be created by you in the future, will be created with the structure of the chosen template. Here you can also remove the Card template.

Image 11842

5. To unselect the "set as default" option later, select the three dots(more) button and select Clear default. Then, all new cards will be created as empty ones.

Image 11843

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