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Copy a Card

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 In case that you would like your Card to serve as a template or a base for another Cards, you can simply copy a Card.

Enter your Card and click on Copy Card button.

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You can now change the original Card's name. Once it is done, select the Copy button.

Image 11515

KanBo will open the new Card for your. It will be indicated that a Card was copied and from which Card the copy has been created.

  • The Card status will not be copied - it will be set to the default in the copied card.
  • The Dates (Start, Due and Card Date) and Labels will be copied.
  • Notes, Todo lists, and Documents from Document Groups will be copied. Please note that the Document is not a copy - it is the same Document in the Document Source of KanBo. If you make a change in one Card, the changes made to a Document will be visible also in the copied Card.
  • The Card's stream will be cleared as you would like to start again with the clear Card.

You can also Copy a card by using Quick actions in Board.

Image 11516

A copy of a Card will be added to the same list in which is located the original Card.

The copied card will have information that it was copied from some other card in the stream.

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